evans institute of teachers education

parassala, trivandrum - 695502

About Evans Institute of Teachers Education

The Evans Educational Institutions are situated at the centre of Parassala, in the south of Kerala.

The Evans Educational Institutions namely Evans UPS, Evans H.S and Evans T.T.I are formerly known as English Middle School, English High School and the Basic Training School. There institutions came into existence before our independence. The above institutions were established by the management in private aided sector. The Evans Higher Secondary School and Evans Nursery School with LP section were started in the unaided sector during the academic year 2002-03. Among these schools English Middle School was founded by Sri.S.P.Jacob and continued as the manager of this school for nine years. After the demise of Sri.S.P.Jacob, his son Sri. Sam Evans became the manager from 1930. Then his wife, Smt. Littie Evans was his successor till 1967. From 30th September 1967 Sri. Nalla Thambi Evans was the Manager of these schools by inheritance. Due to the sudden demise of Sri. Nalla Thambi Evans, his wife Smt. Paul Rathy became the manager of Evans School with effect from 03-01-02. This institution is growing in all dimensions due to the special care and concern shown by the honourable manager Smt. Paul Rathy Nalla Thambi.

The Evans T.T.I was established in 1946. It is the only aided Teachers Training Institution in Neyyattinkara Educational District.

Sri. C. Ganapathy Aiyar was the first head master (M.E-1121 Edavam) and J.Chennian was the first student.

The growth and development of the school

The people in the surrounding area of this institute were economically and educationally backward. This backwardness can be remedied at a certain extent by this school. About half a century ago, students from all over Kerala had got a chance to study the TTC course. We have well equipped laboratory, library, recreation hall, computer lab and facilities for extra curriculam activities


Founder - English Middle School

Smt. Paul Rathy Nalla Thambi

Manaager - EVANS School